Application Programming Interface

An Application Programming Interface is a computing interface used to define multiple applications. They are tools and directions for developers to build and connect multiple software applications. APIs are often used to share information between programs to connect databases or technologies better. An API provides the guidance and assistance a developer needs to interface two applications. They can open up possibilities for user experiences and consolidation of user data. 

When you use an application on your mobile device, the application connects to the internet and sends the information to a server. After performing the necessary actions, the server retrieves that data, interpret it, and sends it back to your mobile device. The application then interprets the data and presents it in a readable format. The API is the interface between your mobile device and the server performing the actions. 

We often require CRMs to interface with other databases to provide more robust experiences. API capabilities are essential to ask about when setting up or selecting your CRM or running cross-channel campaigns with dynamic content. Marketers should work with their developers to ensure they have the documentation to run the desired campaigns and reports.

What is Called an API?

Creating a ‘Call an API’ request in a journey enables you to trigger outsourced tools, vendors, or your CRM tools. More specifically, you can use Call an API to:  

  • Provide other systems and applications with real-time information
  • To send information to your backend systems
  • To send information to external systems like Salesforce or SMS and Email vendors

How does API work?

Call an API sends a request to a defined outsourced tool or vendor system with a defined payload by using the Call an API element in a journey. When the request is successfully sent, the user proceeds to the next step in the flow. If the request fails, the user has dropped from the Call an API element. 

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