App Uninstall Rate

Retaining customers is a constant challenge for mobile app marketers because acquiring new customers is much more expensive. Thus, the onus is on brands to build strong customer loyalty and retain their hard-earned customers. 

Apps must keep their users engaged by creating delightful mobile app experiences. Customers often uninstall the apps and look for alternatives if the experience isn’t satisfactory or up to expectations. This leads to customer churn as getting the customer to install the app becomes tedious and needs a lot of planning.

App uninstall rate refers to the percentage of users who uninstall the app within a specified time. For a marketer, measuring the app uninstall rate and understanding the why, when, how, and who behind them is essential for UX optimization, managing and creating appropriate expectations, and reducing churn risk.   

Almost 1 in every 2 apps is uninstalled within just a month of being installed on the user’s phone. Hence mobile app marketers must have a clear and defined strategy to retain their customers and reduce churn. Find out six ways to reduce mobile app uninstall rate.