Web Message

Web message is a communication channel where the brand reaches its website, and viewers, via their browser, whether on the desktop or through the mobile web. Web messages appear when the user is on the website – either on the desktop or the mobile device. 

Web messages can be used in various ways like lead collection, showing personalized discounts and offers, showing some of the latest and popular products, offering personalized product recommendations, etc. It is beneficial when brands want to guide their users to specific sections of their websites.  By enabling marketers to acquire, engage, retain, and monetize their audience of website visitors, web messaging can help brands broaden their reach, support coordinated multi-channel messaging across web and mobile, and strengthen the relationships with their customers. 

These messages can be triggered based on the real-time live behavior of your user by defining rules like scrolling, navigation, products viewed, products purchased, or other real-time onsite behavior

Since web messages can be used to reach web visitors on both the desktop and mobile, it becomes a versatile channel to stay in touch with customers through their browsers. It offers marketers the flexibility to plan multi-device and multi-channel marketing campaigns