Voice Push

Voice push is an emerging push notification channel and is mostly used in voice devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home devices. Voice push notifications are integrated into voice applications and like the other push notification channels, they do not require a particular voice application to be open on the device for the message to be received by the end-user. 

The adoption of voice devices and voice-users is on an exponential rise and voice apps are becoming increasingly popular. Hence voi3ce push notifications are becoming more and more common. Voice notifications are quite effective and have shown better engagement rates than other push notification channels. They are mainly used to push messages for communication, commerce, content marketing, and marketing use cases. 

The most common voice push you will hear is when Alexa announces that the product you ordered in Amazon is out for delivery. Other applications include pushing content like news, and game scores to users who have enabled voice push for their news or sports voice app.

Voice Push Operating Environment:

Voice notifications (which would be often received by a user at their home) any member of the family may hear the notification. That, in turn, means that the voice skills need to take a privacy by design approach right from the beginning. Voice notifications shouldn’t be sent if they contain potentially sensitive information that can be misused by someone who is unauthorized — or the notifications should come with user-controlled privacy preferences.

A Few Voice Push Notification use cases:

  • Order updates
  • News based on customer preference
  • New music content announcements
  • Weather updates
  • Saved search updates
  • Location-specific updates