Upselling is a sales and marketing strategy where brands subtly try to persuade the customer to purchase a more expensive product by showing value in the recommended product. The trick is to instantly show similar higher-priced products that catch the shopper’s attention when browsing on the website or mobile app. This strategy aims to get the customer to purchase the more expensive product, which will increase the order value. 

Customers often see the value the higher-priced product offers and end up purchasing the recommended alternate product, leading to the campaign’s success. For example, when a customer has looked at a simple cheese pizza on a restaurant app, showing the customer a pizza with more toppings can entice the customer to purchase the more expensive pizza with more toppings since that would be more flavorful. 

An intelligent AI-based recommendation engine that can analyze real-time customer behavior to provide accurate complementary product recommendations in real time is necessary to upsell.