Sunsetting is the process of identifying and ceasing to send messages to disengaged users. You can do this by cleaning up your list when your users indicate that they have become disinterested in a product but don’t go through the trouble of unsubscribing from your email list or uninstalling your app. This set of your customer audience is the dormant users. 

While there is hope to re-engage them by building personalized engagement strategies, leaving these users in your campaigns and continuing to send them messages can often become problematic. It negatively impacts the open and click rates of emails and may lead to low priority or spam sorting by ISPs, which can hurt the deliverability of your entire list. Companies should develop sunset policies to identify when users are sufficiently disengaged (based on spam reports, time since last click or open, etc.) so they’re left off of active messaging lists. Some policies include one final attempt to engage before sunsetting.

Likewise, you must exclude users who have indicated that they don’t want to be a part of your email list or have marked your emails as spam from your email list. You need to ensure that you don’t send messages to users who have explicitly indicated that they don’t want to receive further communications from your brand.