Rich Push Notifications

Rich push notifications are pushed notifications that include rich elements like an image, GIF, sounds, video, in-message experience, and simple text. 

While people tend to associate push notifications with short, copy-focused messages, the advent of iOS 10 in 2016 made it possible to include images, GIFs, and videos, among other rich experiences, within the push brands send to their customers. 

Traditional push notifications have limited space. While text-only messages can certainly do the trick in communicating the message in many cases, images and videos enable marketers to pack more information and build compelling user experiences into a single push notification. Being more visually appealing, they can instantly capture the attention of your customers as they are far more noticeable when they appear on your user’s mobile device. This has made rich push notifications extremely popular amongst brands. 

When used effectively, these messages can significantly improve engagement and drive conversions on your mobile app