Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing focuses on building, nurturing, and maintaining mutually beneficial customer-brand relationships over the long haul. The ultimate goal of relationship marketing is to build strong relationships with customers beyond them being just loyal customers. The focus is to nurture them to become loyal brand advocates who can organically drive more leads through referrals. This can be achieved by building personalized customer journeys and optimizing the user experience within the app. 

While relationship marketing has its roots in traditional one-on-one relationships between consumers and local merchants, the rise of mobile has made it possible for marketers to nurture these kinds of relationships with customers worldwide at an unprecedented scale.

By using push notifications, emails, and other digital messaging channels, marketers can now provide personalized value across the customer journey, allowing them to share their preferences and exercise increased control over their experiences with that brand. This fosters a stronger customer-brand relationship and makes it more likely that the relationship serves the interests of both parties.

Retention is a key goal of relationship marketing. Acquiring new customers is a tedious and expensive task, making it essential for brands to build customer loyalty and retain their hard-earned customers. This puts the onus on brands to build long-lasting relationships with their customers.