Referral Traffic

Referral traffic signifies the users who have come to your website from sources outside of search engines. From sites where you have to say or sell and typically post a link recommending your site. 

Referral traffic provides a steady source of traffic outside of the search engines and can drive more targeted visitors if there is a good synergy between the referring and the landing pages. Referral traffic is important because it increases the page rank of your website and aids in boosting your rank in google search results. 

For example, answering questions in platforms like Quora and providing a link to your website in the answers for further reading helps you get high-quality visitors to check out your business. 

Benefits of Referral Traffic:

As a digital marketer, referral traffic is an important metric to watch out for. It sends potentially valuable visitors to the website from trusted websites while getting your content in front of more new people. Using UTMA, you can easily detect which pages and social profiles are generating the most traffic for your website. 

Referral traffic is also relevant for SEO, as it influences your rankings. When someone visits your website from another site, they’re typically clicking a link that will be redirected to your website. The Google algorithm sees these external referral links as positive ranking factors since they tap into users’ confidence in the domain authority and relevance of the information. 

Benefits of referral traffic include: 

  • Improved brand value and exposure 
  • Increase in SEO rankings through consistent backlinks
  • Networking with relevant businesses to keep the lead funnel open for future leads
  • Ability to tap into a new and diverse audience