Page View

A page is viewed when a page of your website is loaded by the browser. It is also defined as the number of views a website or a webpage gets over a period of time. It is different from page visits as a single page visit can result in multiple page views because one reader coming to your site can view multiple pages.

Page view is important because it’s easy to understand and calculate. Page view does not take into account whether the view takes place on a new visit or an already existing visit. Websites do not need to track visitors depending on pageviews and can provide better privacy while using their site. 

Difference Between Page Views & Unique Page Views:

Pageviews are an instance of a page being loaded or reloaded in a browser. Pageviews is a metric defined as the total number of pages viewed. Unlike pageviews, Unique Pageviews are the total number of sessions during which a specific page was viewed at least once. A unique pageview is counted for each page URL and page Title combination.

Let’s say a visitor visits your eCommerce website and onto a product category page, then browses a particular product page and then visits the same product page again. During this session, the particular product page is viewed two times. These two page views in this single session will be added to the total number of pageviews for that page. But only one unique pageview will be added to the total number of unique pageviews for that product page during a single session since it is viewed by the same visitor in the same session.