Multichannel marketing

What is multichannel marketing?

Multichannel marketing is an integrated approach to interacting with customers across multiple channels, devices, and touchpoints. Channels can include, email, SMS, messaging apps like (WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, social media, display ads, print, and more.

What is multichannel strategy?

A good multichannel strategy isn’t one size fits all. There is a temptation to be on the newest, hottest channel, but if your customers and prospective customers aren’t there, what’s the point? A solid multichannel marketing strategy considers the new ways customers are consuming information. With the rise of mobile shopping and evaluation, livestream shopping, and social media shopping, it’s critical to be aware of what’s out there.

To succeed, multichannel marketers need to look at where and how their customers consume data and be active on the channels where they want them. A good rule of thumb: Be in the know, but don’t jump to every new channel.

Multichannel marketing benefits

Another perk of a multichannel marketing strategy is seeing customer behavior in a broader context. This fuller picture can also help customer relationship (CRM) managers build deeper relationships and increase each shopper’s customer lifetime value (CLV).

Multichannel marketing can also help:

  • Increase brand visibility by engaging with customers on the channels of their choice
  • Directly increase revenue since customers who engage in multiple channels tend to buy more
  • Collect feedback from customers to further improve marketing and sales strategies
  • Deepen marketer’s understanding of customer demographics, their problems, needs, and expectations better

Benefits of Multichannel Marketing:

It has become more important than ever before to understand your customers and how they interact with your brand across different channels in order to effectively reach them with relevant messages and achieve your conversion goals. 

The reasons why implementing a multi-channel strategy increases your marketing ROI:

  1. Helps you engage with customers on their favorite channels 
  2. Helps you achieve higher user engagement as users are more receptive to communication via different channels
  3. Helps you achieve higher ROI as multi-channel marketing has longevity and is more effective than one or two-channel operations
  4. Helps you have better data collection and analysis of their customer behaviors and buying patterns