Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the use of technology to automate and amplify work carried out by marketers seeking to reach their customers across different communication channels. Marketing automation can use the power of AI to build customer segments based on sophisticated rules and user behavior that would be difficult to create and manage manually. 

By using marketing automation software, brands can automate marketing activities to acquire, engage, retain, and monetize their audience by triggering campaigns across different devices and channels more successfully and with less effort. This becomes more and more important as the scale of the audience or messaging volume increases. 

Marketing automation solutions give marketers control of every step of the customer lifecycle, including:

  • Onboarding – Right from the first visible of the customer to your website to get the visitor to become a paid customer, download your app, or become a member of your newsletter, etc.
  • Engagement – Building a regular and personalized chain of communication once your customer is onboarded
  • Conversions – Nudging your customers towards completing the purchase by building personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with them
  • Loyalty and Retention – Ensuring you get your customers to visit your website or mobile app regularly through clever customer engagement strategies 
  • Re-activation – Re-engaging dormant users, nudging customers who have uninstalled your app to install again through communications on alternative channels like email and SMS