In-App Messages

In-app messaging are messages that are designed to be displayed to your mobile app users while they are inside and actively using your app. In-app messages allow mobile marketers to send real-time and personalized messages to help engage, retain, and upsell new products to users. In-app messaging is the most effective way of creating a stronger, richer app experience by segmenting and tailoring to target audiences. It creates a more valuable app session by providing the user with personalized messages and can funnel actions to conversions.

In-app messages are 8X more engaging than push notifications, and brands that used in-app messages in their engagement arsenal have seen an increase in their conversion rates by 30% compared to those who didn’t use it at all. The key to motivating users to take meaningful actions over and over again is well-crafted in-app messages. Because of its tailored style, in-app messaging is better at delivering based on user context and expectations, creating a more seamless progression from initiated session to conversion.

One of the best in-app messaging use cases is for eCommerce business; Identifying when users are most likely to buy and delivering a promotional in-app offer at the right time boosts conversions. In-app messaging also allows for extended experimentation, with A/B testing and various contextual options to see what resonates the most with your users.

Much like push notifications, email, and SMS, in-app messages are a vital component of an overall mobile customer engagement strategy. 

Using in-app messaging you can:

  • Reach your entire active user base
  • Make it a part of user onboarding to deliver their first aha! moment
  • Deliver seamless user engagement
  • Deliver high levels of personalization
  • Achieve higher engagement and retention
  • Achieve higher conversion rates