Growth Marketing

Growth marketing is a data-driven approach of designing and conducting experiments on focus areas to optimize and improve critical metrics. It takes the traditional marketing model and adds layers of experimentation such as A/B testing, thought leadership blog posts, mobile marketing campaigns, data-driven email marketing campaigns, SEO optimization, quirky and creative ad copies, and technical analysis of every aspect of a user’s experience. The insights gained from these strategies are quickly implemented to achieve sustainable growth.

One example would be to use emojis in the email headline to see if open rates increase. When it works, it’s leaned into. When it doesn’t, more experiments are run.

Most growth marketing teams are responsible for:

  • Increase traffic to the website
  • Get more leads and optimize conversion rates
  • Identify areas in the funnel to test and improve upon
  • Develop and design growth experiments to optimize the marketing funnel
  • Conduct growth experiments
  • Increase subscribers 
  • Convert free trials to paid plans
  • Analyze results and deciding on future actions
  • Retain users

Best Practices for Growth Hacking Your Marketing:

  1. Stay up-to-date with marketing trends
  2. Maintain and grow your database of emails, social signups, and shares.
  3. Create the best content that tells a story
  4. Focus thoroughly and narrowly
  5. Be creative. Think creatively
  6. Use media proof, social proof and testimonies of customers to create a strong brand