Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is referred to as automating the processes and actions that involve email marketing, using a set of email-specific automation tools and resources. Unlike newsletters that are sent one-off, these emails are sent out automatically based on the user triggers and scheduled email drips. 

Email marketing helps you in connecting with your audience to promote your business and increase conversions. You can do a lot of things with emails, like sell products, share some news, or tell a story. With email marketing automation, you can set up the email drip once with predefined rules. As people continue to meet the trigger you have defined, emails will be sent to them without any manual intervention. These emails are highly customizable, scalable, and also hyper-personalized.

For example, sending out welcome emails or onboarding emails manually to a user every time they sign-up on your eCommerce platform is inconvenient. You can use an email marketing automation tool/software to automate your welcome/onboarding email sequence.

Top five primary reasons why every email marketer should use email marketing automation:

  1. Create highly segmented email subscriber lists that can be automatically updated based on your user data
  2. Convert potential customers into actual customers much faster
  3. Buil an uninterrupted engagement with potential and existing customers
  4. Increase your marketing efficiency by automating the repetitive tasks that are associated with customer relationship management
  5. Improve subscriber engagement by delivering them more relevant, personalized and timely emails

Benefits of Email Marketing Automation:

  1. Increased customer engagement
  2. Effective segmentation 
  3. Personalize customer experience
  4. Improved retention rate
  5. Makes your strategies scalable