Deep Linking

Deep linking is the concept of sending a message with a targeted piece of content on your website or mobile app that automatically sends your users to a specific section of the website or app when clicked. 

Suppose you send out a push notification about a deal on certain products. In that case, it’s better if your link takes your user to those products instead of sending them to the website’s homepage. This linking helps you improve relevancy by sending your users straight to the section that has caught their attention. You stand a better chance of getting conversions as you simplify the discovery process for your customers. 

Likewise, marketers can trigger web messages on the website or in-app messages on the mobile app to drive customers to a specific section of the website or app to take them to the popular sections of your website or app. 

Deep linking helps maintain user attention and drive up conversion rates by removing additional steps from the transactional process. It improves the overall user experience for your customers.