Customer Permissions

Customer permissions are requests that brands make from members of their audience in connection to the website or mobile device for access to personal information, device access, and more. 

These requests can be for access to customer data (such as their contact information or location), authorization to send push notifications, emails, or other messages, or access to elements of their smartphone or tablet, such as the device’s camera. The permissions to customer data determine how much they can gather nuanced information about their customers and include personalization in their outreach. 

Customers will be sent an opt-in request as permission to use that particular channel for sending out marketing communication. The authorization that customers give to send out communications through specific channels determines whether marketers can leverage those channels to communicate with their customers and send certain kinds of messages. An opt-in from the customer is necessary for brands to send out messages on that channel. Doing so without the customer’s permission can often lead to dissatisfaction and even customer churn. 

Customer permissions are a crucial element in building effective modern marketing strategies.