Cross-selling is a clever marketing technique to boost revenues and your average order value per session by suggesting a supplementary product that the customer can purchase along with the product that has been shown interest. An intelligent AI-based recommendation engine can assess previous browsing history and real-time customer behavior to make recommendations. For example, if a customer purchases a burger on a restaurant app, the restaurant can nudge the customer to upgrade to a meal with fries and a beverage. Customers are more likely to go ahead with this recommendation as they can see value in purchasing a meal at a slightly discounted price.

Cross-selling can be done in real-time when the customer is browsing through your products on the website or mobile app. This way, brands can improve their average order value right away. But it doesn’t end there, as brands can target customers even after they’ve completed the purchase by using other marketing channels that can engage the customer even after they have exited the website or mobile app. Recommending complementary products via email and push notifications can be a great way to bring your customer back to the website or app and increase conversions.  

The accuracy of the recommendation is the key to the success of your cross-sell strategy.