Conversion Rate Uplift

Short Description: The difference in conversion rates between a test group and a control group in an A/B test. Conversion rate uplift is the change (increase or decrease) in the conversion rate of the personalization version over the control group and is usually expressed as a percentage. 

Conversion rate is defined as the total number of conversions divided by the number of visitors. In A/B tests, you have an existing version called the control group and the personalization is a variation of it.

Why Should You Track CRU?

A/B testing helps marketers decide which version of a heading, subhead, content, image or video has maximum impact on their audience and is, therefore, most useful for personalized messaging. While A/B testing, both the A version and B version will have different conversion rates. Ideally, the personalized version is supposed to have a better conversion rate than the standard version. By tracking conversion rate uplift, you would know the efficiency of the personalization you have implemented, in terms of contributing to your revenue. Tracking conversion rate uplift will also help you optimize the conversion rates of personalization campaigns and thus contribute better revenue and improved ROI to your campaign efforts.