App Stickiness

App stickiness determines how often your users come back to your app and perform an action. Stickiness in mobile app marketing means how memorable, useful, and habit-forming an app is for any given user. It gives you the total percentage of users who are actually returning to your app month after month. To calculate app stickiness, divide your DAUs with MAUs and multiply with hundred:

DAU / MAU * 100

It is one of the effective and important user engagement metrics to keep track of and doesn’t just determine whether or not users are engaged with your app, but also how often they engage with it. In order to increase your app stickiness, you need to understand your users’ behavior as to what excites them to come back and use your app to use your product/service.

Make app stickiness one of the key metrics you keep tabs on regularly in order to improve your users’ experience and reduce churn rates. This plays an important part in the decisions you make across any design change, development, or marketing aspect of your app. 

Once you have a clear understanding of how much time your users spend within your app, you need to ensure that they take actions that are valuable by measuring conversion. Conversion does not necessarily mean adding a product to the cart or completing a purchase. Conversions can be simply creating an account on your app, logging in, or landing on a particular product category. What’s more important is that you define different user behaviors and measure the frequency at which they are completing your desired conversions.

To ensure high app stickiness, you can create campaigns that nudge users to take the actions that add significant customer value.