Reduce your ad spend with smart targeting

Who is primed to buy right now, most likely to churn, or needs a little incentive?
Insider’s data-backed predictive segments take the guesswork out of ad targeting. Machine learning algorithms are always on, analyzing users and reshaping segments based on real-time user data becoming more precise with every interaction.

  • Likelihood to Purchase
  • Likelihood to Churn
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Discount Affinity

Ads with higher cross-channel impact

Convert your campaign ideas into winning cross-channel ads with Insider. One ad type or many, you’re in control — Google, Facebook, email, search, display, remarketing — get more eyeballs on your content without spending more.

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Shopping
  • Remarketing
  • Custom Channels

How Watsons improved ROAS by 50% on Facebook on Singles Day with Predictive Audiences

Extended Features

  • Deep segmentation

    Choose from a wide range of segmentations, including Traits, Behavior, Events, Visits, Offline, and predictive segments to focus your budget on the people most likely to convert.

  • Custom channels

    The intelligent predictive segments you build with Insider can be used in any and on every channel to maximize the results of your multichannel marketing efforts.

  • Extended communication channels

    Do they prefer email? SMS? WhatsApp? Or Facebook Messenger? Insider lets you send messages to predictive audiences online, offsite, and in emerging marketing channels.

  • Higher ROAS

    Use targeted predictive segmentation to define your ad segments and continuously improve your ROAS.

  • Interest clusters

    Make use of distinct interest clusters like tech lovers, gamers, home appliance shoppers, and any niche you can imagine to run hyper-relevant ads across channels.

  • Automated ad campaigns

    Our powerful journey orchestration tool, Architect, lets you automate ad campaigns and tie them into each user’s journey without friction.

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