Engagement begins with understanding your customers

Great experiences happen when you know your customers—what makes them tick: their pain points and desires. Insider’s customer data platform integrates with your tech stack to track every interaction. Use that data to build comprehensive user profiles and segment users into journeys that go far beyond basic personalization.

Unified Profiles
Unified Profiles

Build trust and stronger connections when you have a complete view of what your users want and how they behave.

Behavioral Segmentation
Behavioral Segmentation

Split users up into groups based on who they are and how they act—from VIPs to discount shoppers, build personalized journeys that speak each customer’s language.


Disconnected data? Create a singular, frictionless customer journey when you integrate first and third party data into Insider’s customer data platform (CDP).

Unified Profiles

Get a unified view for a stronger connection

No more disconnected events and out-of-context behaviors. Insider’s customer data platform (CDP) integrates data scattered throughout your tech stack and brings it together in one place, so you can understand what makes your users tick and build journeys that capture how they think.

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Customer Segmentation

Lock in on your target audience

Forge deeper bonds—no matter how you slice it. Insider’s AI-powered segments give you 120+ attributes to play with to hone in on discount shoppers, interested categories, brand affinities, and more.

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Power up your tech stack

Gain more control over your data when you integrate it into one easy-to-manage platform. Insider’s easy-to-implement, powerful integration technology brings first and third party data together in just hours. Say goodbye to complex and expensive tools that take weeks (or months) to build unified customer profiles.

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