Insider announces Integration Hub – enabling businesses to drive more value from their MarTech stack with a powerful ecosystem of 100+ tools in 20+ business categories

Insider, a platform for delivering individualized, cross-channel customer experiences, has announced the launch of their Integration Hub – a searchable directory of 100+ integrations & connectors, in 20+ categories, including CRM, CDP, Analytics, Ads, Social Media, and more.

At Insider, we recognize the need for businesses to build a MarTech stack of complementary solutions that meet their specific needs, in order to accelerate maximum business growth and deliver more revenue, ROI and value from customer experience initiatives, and in turn, the technology that supports those initiatives. 

Our trusted ecosystem of integrations, apps and connectors continues to grow in line with our commitment to providing businesses with the flexibility and extensibility needed to delight consumers. We recognize that the success of a business’s MarTech stack lies in its ability to activate customer data, integrate new channels and apps, while being able to grow alongside an organization’s needs– simultaneously driving operational efficiencies.

The launch of Insinder’s Integration Hub will enable businesses to extend their tech stack, with Insider. Connectors and integrations can be set-up and installed in as little as a few clicks, saving weeks of development and IT resources. The Integration Hub also provides brands who are exploring how they can customize their stack to their needs, the opportunity to review use cases and ensure their choice of marketing software will fit seamlessly within their existing stack, and produce the anticipated results. 

Some of Insider’s most popular integrations include connections with CDP platforms such as Segment, Tealium, and mParticle where user, event, audience, and cohort data can be shared between platforms in a b-directional flow to activate customer data using Insider’s AI-led segmentation engine and deep channel support. 

Other popular integrations include a plug & play connection with Shopify; two-way data connections with analytics tools like Mixpanel or Amplitude, and a first-of-its-kind remarketing integration with video platform, Tiktok. 

In 2022, Insider also announced the use of Reverse ETL integrations. Reverse ETL is the process of copying data from a central data warehouse to operational tools, including but not limited to marketing, sales, and customer support tools. The move allows brands to send data from their Data Warehouse Platform (DWP), such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift and Google Bigquery to Insider to be activated as part of powerful cross-channel customer journeys. 

Insider clients can also leverage Streaming APIs to use captured events and attributes to push communication in real-time, whenever there is a change, across various channels like chatbots or a helpdesks. With this, brands can make their communication in support chats much more contextual and frictionless by providing information like the customer’s last abandoned product, how much they have spent in their last purchase, their predicted customer life cycle status, or even product recommendations.

‘’As a product company, dedicated to helping our partners achieve meaningful growth and ROI on their investment, our roadmap is built with a data-first and CX-first vision,’’ said Insider Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Muharrem Derinkök. ‘’This means our teams are focussed on ensuring businesses can access, unify and transform data and activate it across every customer touchpoint and channel, including messaging apps.’’  

‘’Insider’s team proactively supported us during the integration process, suggesting best practices that will help us squeeze more out of their platform,’ said Francois Marque, Marketing & eCommerce Manager at LEGO/KOJ. ‘With Insider, our whole marketing process has been greatly simplified, and it is this, along with the admirable tech support that makes them a great choice for us at LEGO…’

Visit the Insider Integration Hub to explore how Insider can help global brands to recession-proof their customer experience strategy, optimize and consolidate their MarTech stack and investments to deliver relevant, personalized and timely cross-channel customer experiences.