5 strategies to drive revenue & growth across digital channels for

Hi, we are Insider.

We are here to help Bitso to drive more revenue, growth, and loyalty by delivering compelling, connected, and personalized customer experiences across all your digital properties.

Here are some customized and highly-effective approaches to help you accelerate your online business and make it easier and more enjoyable to shop with Bitso. 

Learn how to:

1. Create a personalized experience for each visitor

Exibir um conteúdo genérico em uma experiência de website estático é uma oportunidade perdida de atrair maior engajamento e taxas de conversão.

Com as profundas habilidades da Insider personalização na web, você consegue combater o “banner blindness”, ou cegueira de banner, em tradução livre. Visitantes recorrentes ou conhecidos são apresentados a uma experiência extremamente relevante, com conteúdo e produtos personalizados para refletir o histórico de compras deles, comportamento de navegação, interesses – ou comportamento previsto.

2. Convert anonymous visitors into known customers with gamification

Turn unknown visitors into known customers with gamified made-to-convert templates. Create an engaging and rewarding experience that encourages visitors to share their information with you. Lead customers seamlessly from their first purchase to long-term loyalty.

The best part? You don’t need an IT department to build these experiences. Transform the traditional experience with an extraordinary twist.

3. Increase customer loyalty and lifetime value through cross-channel journey orchestration

Remove the guesswork and hassle of piecing together incomplete data from disconnected systems and dashboards. Instead, create a CX which is seamless, and adapted to each customers’ behavior – What did they click? Buy? What’s the best channel to engage them?

All this and more is available with Insider’s powerful and user-friendly journey orchestrator. With Architect, delivering relevant messages and products on customers’ preferred channels has never been easier… or more effective.

4. Reactivate silent customers to increase CLV and tackle churn

All the signs are there. They’ve stopped coming to site, they’re not opening your emails, they haven’t made a purchase in months. It’s time to mix up your strategy.

Insider’s machine learning recognizes the distinct behavioral patterns of your customers to detect when a customer is likely to churn – before it’s too late.

Keep the conversation going by identifying the right channel and message for each customer who is in danger of churning to inspire loyalty and keep customers engaged.

5. Increase your sales with relevant messaging channels

Customers want to feel seen and important at any stage of their journey, including on the post-sales stage. 

Send automated alerts and personalized messages ranging from purchase confirmation, price-drop reminders, and recommendations based on their latest conversion to keep them coming back for more.

Use Web Push notifications, WhatsApp, E-mails, SMS and so on.

Ready to learn more?

These are just a handful of ways that Insider could bring value to your customer experience. If you would like to see more, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Fabio Baiamonte

Digital Growth Manager