Americar achieves 47% increase in lead generation through Insider cross-channel experiences


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About Americar

Americar is an automotive group with 9 companies representing a broad portfolio of cutting-edge brands, products and services. With them, people and companies can access the vehicle and services that best meet their needs in a simple and transparent way. They deliver complete and comprehensive solutions to satisfy the automotive needs of their clients, such as purchase, sale, financing, rental, subscription, leasing, insurance, warranties, maintenance, repair, spare parts, and accessories. They are always seeking new paths, processes and technologies to get closer to their customers and provide them the best possible experience through an omnichannel approach, always with transparency.

Switching to a full-stack modular solution

The lockdown imposed due to COVID-19 forced Americar companies to shift its processes to digital channels. For this, they needed tech-led solutions that can make this process seamless and effective. Before embracing the Growth Management Platform from Insider, Americar used a Marketing Cloud platform at that time to improve web experiences for their users and drive conversions.

With this previous platform, all implementations and daily operations were time-consuming, Americar was unable to leverage technology to its full potential. Then the company decided to look for a full-stack modular platform that could offer a comprehensive, automated, and easy-to implement product suite, finding, then, Insider.

Improving user experience through onsite experimentation

With Insider, Salazar Israel was able to create a growth hacking mindset in the digital marketing team. One example is the onsite experiment which aims to improve user experience and increase conversion rate of leads. The growth team at Insider recommended bringing the last visited model to the top of the web page. Using this, when a user visits the website, Americar would also remind users of the model they had viewed.

As a result, the company was able to shorten the conversion path and improve user experience, further leading to a 47% uplift in conversion rates. Additionally, the experiment positively impacted frequency, increasing sessions per user by 9%.

Persuading users to complete their purchase through customer journey automation

Americar realized that re-engaging customers was a critical aspect of the user journey and key to improving retention rates, optimizing the conversion funnel, and enhancing overall user experience. With this objective in mind, the automotive group wanted to bring back users who quoted but didn’t book a visit and those who booked a visit but didn’t show up.

Insider’s Architect, a cross-channel journey orchestration tool, enabled the automotive group to communicate with the right user with the right message, at the right time, and on the right channel such as web push, email, mobile app push, etc.

As a result, Americar was able to encourage users to complete their purchases. Through this retargeting strategy, Americar observed a 12% uplift in click-through rates.

Looking Ahead

Americar is currently finding out ways to improve lead quality and eCommerce stores to provide their users with a best-in-class experience. Also, the company has plans to create a growth culture through experimentation and innovation. Americar will also look into creating holistic user journeys to optimize engagement metrics and conversion rates and will evaluate multi-channel orchestration tools from Insider.

“We were searching for a platform that moves as fast as we need. With Insider we have found not only what we were looking for, but also a platform extremely complete, easy to use and to implement, besides being modular and quickly scalable. Another amazing aspect of Insider is how much the team is always with us, showing how to get the most out of the platform, with examples of concrete use cases. With the previous partner, we signed a license contract and hardly never heard from them again.”

Fabián Muller

Chief Marketing Officer