About your Role - Business Development Representative

  1. Develop our client base and execute processes to generate new sales opportunities
  2. Build relationships with our prospects by nurturing and educating them about our product and its value through outbound cold calls, emails or even through social media!
  3. Personalize our content according to the prospect. We are building a human connection; our prospects should feel that they are valuable potential clients. Therefore, you should care about the details about them.
  4. Pass on leads that are sales-qualified to an account executive to close.
  5. Understand client needs and requirements. You will also brainstorm together with your team on how we can identify key players and generate interest in Insider’s products in targeted industries and segments
  6. Most importantly, you will learn. A LOT. You will join countless training sessions and you will also learn from your team members and leaders who are top-notch sales professionals.

Your team

Roberto Chen

It's a pleasure to work in a fast pace enviroment, always learning and in a challenging role. Join Insider you will be part of a multicultural and top level team. You will have the opportunity to become a digital marketing and tech expert and be in contact with the best profesionals in this field.

Meet Chen
Andressa Ocubaro

Being an Inside Sales at Insider is to be like a hunter all the time, is to be close to the customers and is to understand the importance of 'opening doors' to the company's business. We are interacting with the LATAM team all the time, exchanging ideas. With the global team, we have weekly meetings. Everyone is very open to help and to share experiences

Meet Andressa
Laila Fonseca

Being an Inside Sales at Insider is being a relationship builder: you start the day getting prospection tips from great sales executives and end up talking about Indonesian culture with a colleague on the other side of the world 🙂 If you are a conversation starter and a person with high resilience and strength to face obstacles, I am sure you will love the challenge we have here: helping companies from different verticals to improve KPIs throughout the marketing funnel with an incredible Growth Management Platform Growth, #1 in #Personalization, #CustomerDataPlatform (#CDP) and much more in G2.

Meet Laila
Jonatas Firmino

What I love most about working at Insider is the freedom to work the way I feel most comfortable. I have the support and recognition from my managers in addition to a healthy environment.

Meet Jonatas
Vinicius Olimpio

It's very challenging and at the same time exciting to work at Insider. I came from a non-SaaS company and Insider gave me all the help and support on the onboarding so I could feel that I'm prepared to work. After some months I still get help from the global team whenever a need it. Working at insider you will have lots of interactions with the best professionals and you will learn a lot as well.

Meet Vini
María Paz

Being an IS person at Insider is pretty great in terms of freedom and timing. I get to organize my days and weeks in ways that are comfortable and logic to me. I always have the backup of the team if I need help but there is no micromanaging and I feel like I'm trusted with my time. We have weekly meetings with all IS Latam that helps us share best practices and solve doubts, so I feel very accompanied during the process. What your daily routine look like: Usually I leave Mondays and Fridays to organize everything and to search for new prospects and companies. Tuesday to Thursday I usually send cold emails to new prospects and also keep up with my follow ups. How is your interaction with the global inside sales team: I don't have much interaction with the global team on a daily basis, but they are always sending us tips and tricks on how to improve our work and best practices.

Meet María
Gabriel Novaes
It's unbelievable what we can learn at Insider in just a few days. The company has a complete onboarding program and a training platform with a lot of meaningful content. We can also learn from the others since everyone on the team has a lot to teach and is also truly helpful. It's unbelievable what we can learn at Insider in a few days. The company has a complete onboarding program and a training platform with a lot of meaningful content. We can also learn from the others since everyone on the team has a lot to teach and is also truly helpful. There's also the opportunity to engage with people around the world. In these few days, I've already talked to Insiders from about ten different countries, which is an incredible experience. We can know a lot of different personalities and cultures.
Meet Gabriel
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