Travel leaders drive more bookings and ancillary revenue with Insider

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airBaltic achieves 5.8% conversion rate uplift with personalization

The airline’s challenge was delivering a brand experience that consistently surprises and delights each traveler. Learn how airBaltic got to their desired destination faster with Insider.

Speed up bookings with pre-filled search

Booking a trip isn’t easy. There’s so much to consider. Any unnecessary step or confusing menu can cause customers to abandon their search. Optimize your site’s layout with Insider’s last search widget. Show each returning visitor the last destination, date range, and the number of guests they entered to save them time and improve their booking experience.

Drive bookings with price alerts

Create urgency with price alerts when airfare goes up. Send personalized web push notifications and get them to come back to your site and book their flight.

Reduce friction across the booking funnel

Take control and speed up the path to conversion with social proof—messaging placed in strategic spots to create urgency and drive immediate action. Experiment without having to ask IT for help and serve up personalized messaging and experiences at critical decision points. A/B test touchpoints to create turbulence-free interactions from start to finish.

Boost ancillary sales with passenger segmentation

Individualize add-ons like rental cars, insurance, in-flight entertainment, and more to drive more ancillary revenue. Insider’s AI clusters align each customer with personalized offers tailored to their behaviors, past purchases, and preferences. From first-class upgrades to more legroom to in-flight connectivity, watch your ancillary sales take to the skies.

Drive loyalty with
value-driven journeys

A travel experience begins long before a customer boards a plane or checks into a hotel. It starts when your brand’s name pops into a shopper’s head. Use messaging apps, email, and rich web and app push notifications to inspire product discovery, share interest-tailored recommendations, and triage your response if things don’t go according to plan with Architect, Insider’s journey orchestration tool.

Get a full line of sight

See traveler data from multiple channels in one unified view. Dig deep into behavioral patterns and personalize your message with AI-backed insights. Create predictive segments and anticipate what users will do next. Stage perfect one-to-one journeys using real-time data from unified profiles and provide more value at every touchpoint.