True multichannel journeys without third party cookies

Third party cookies are disappearing, and most website visitors are anonymous. So how can you reach your potential customers? A journey builder that uses the right channels can keep marketing alive. Or even better: it will make it more natural, effective and personalized than ever before! Is your eCommerce ready for a cookieless era and  able to reach customers using their preferred channels – WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook or Web Push?

During this webinar, Wouter Sutorius and Tomas Poot of Insider will show you how to set up a complete customer journey using Insider’s Architect. Marketing leaders, customer experience professionals, product managers and anyone responsible for eCommerce and multichannel marketing should attend this webinar to learn how to grow your revenue without the need for third party cookies.

What’s on the agenda?

A 30-minute webinar on how to reach your online customers and how to build customer journeys without third party cookies.

  • Be prepared for a third party cookieless era
  • Reach your customers using new channels
  • Grow your eCom revenue with Insider’s Architect

And much more…