How Frisco Adapted to the Lock-Down and Lessons from Asian Retail


The current epidemic has affected our everyday lives and impacted retail and eCommerce industries deeply. Like any other market, we face many changes, difficult decisions and new challenges. 

Social distancing, home schooling and work from home (WFH) is becoming the new norm and amidst the novelty of the situation some brands like Frisco have shown their grit and dedication to their customers.

During the UPLIFT Roundtable we also take an in-depth look at adjustments made by Asian consumers and brands. The data is compelling and one we can all learn from. The roundtable, will host 10 C-level executives from Poland’s leading retail and ecommerce landscape to engage in an active discussions on:

— How consumer behaviour has shifted in Poland over the last 5 weeks and products in demand. You may be surprised by the findings.

— Response from Polish brands and digital transformation across the board.

— How Asian retailers navigated the crisis and adapted to the situation. What they plan to do next.

Kubilay Sengun
Managing Director EMEA @INSIDER