Gender Equality Matters In Business Success

The Gender Diversity and Inclusion Roundtable is an initiative to share experiences and best practices on how to advance gender diversity and inclusion in various sections of everyday business.

Leaders need gender diversity to perform, however in April 2019, women accounted for just 27.8% of board members of the largest publicly-listed companies registered in the EU. Companies, institutions, and organizations lose out on the value that diverse management brings. According to a BCG (Boston Consulting Group) research, companies with above average diversity scores reported a 45% increase in innovation led revenue. In other words, nearly half the revenue of companies with more diverse leadership comes from products and services launched in the past three years.

At this roundtable, Carolina García Gómez, Chief Executive Officer IKEA Poland and Susanna Romantsova, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Leader IKEA Group will share their experiences and some of IKEA’s work around:

– 50/50 diversity approach

– Equal Pay

– Equal parenting

This roundtable is dedicated to identifying concrete and actionable steps to advance gender diversity along the career journey – from education to the executive team.

Carolina García Gómez
Chief Executive Officer @IKEA POLAND

Susanna Romantsova
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Leader @IKEA GROUP

Merve Nazlioglu
VP Global Marketing @INSIDER