Executive Roundtable: Growth Hacking

75% of banks across the globe are investing in customer-centricity…yet less than 20% feel ‘very prepared’ for the challenge. The new era of digital transitions and customer-driven banking and insurance experiences are here. Is your company ready?

About 50% of millennials say they would rather pay for small items with their smartphones rather than with cash. More than 80% of insurance shoppers interact with at least one digital channel throughout their buyer journey.

The banking and insurance services industry has seen drastic technology-led changes over the few years, with many executives looking to their IT departments to improve efficiency and facilitate game-changing innovation – while somehow also lowering costs and continuing to support legacy systems.

With today’s wide array of choices to choose from and compare products to services, customers today are less loyal than ever…

Here we invite you to join our exclusive executive C-Suite roundtable to drive conversation on:

  • The challenges financial marketers face
  • What growth hacking solutions have proven to work?
  • Deep dive into the market’s growth hacking strategy


Romain Di Meglio
CEO at April Asia Insurance

Giovanni Musillo
Commercial Director at Insider