Deliver ‘always available’ notifications on your website to boost engagement

Now you can save all your website notifications under a bell icon. Retain your notifications for your website users to refer back to anytime. Design and build your Notification Center so that is aligned with your website’s theme with custom colors, fonts, text and visuals powered by Insider’s Action Builder.

Get detailed insights into how each notification performs in terms of clicks, conversions and delivery stats. Extend the life of your website notifications and improve website engagement and conversions with Insider’s Notification Center for Desktop Web.

Maximize your real estate with personalized banner management

Manage and prioritize your banners for different segments with ease. Welcome visitors with a personalized banner showcasing relevant products, content or offers to keep their attention sustained and maximize your website’s real estate.

Fuel your website insights with Banner Analytics

Monitor and measure how your banners perform, accessing metrics like CTR, RPM Impressions, and more. Understand how your customers engage with your content and act on data-driven insights in real-time to drive most value from your website’s real estate

Showcase the wisdom of crowds in real-time to drive sales

Harness the power of social proof to drive quicker purchasing decisions. Create urgency and build confidence in visitors choices by showcasing popularity, availability or reviews.

Deliver a personal layout for every visitor

Deliver a highly personalized experience for each visitor changing, repositioning or filtering on-page elements based on their behavior and interests.

Power web experiences with high-performing segments

Act on ready-to-use microsegments based on AI-backed predictions, behavioral patterns, purchasing trends, historical data, geolocation, weather forecast or just create custom segments.

Hyper personalized product and content recommendations

Deliver high-performing real time recommendations based on historical, behavioral and AI-powered predictive segments to boost AOV and LTV of your customers.

Product comparison to make purchasing faster and easier

Typically users take multiple returning visits to complete a purchase. Convert them by providing a easy way to find and compare products from their past browsing behavior

Gather valuable visitor feedback

Deliver engaging surveys to collect feedback on shopping behavior and leverage them to improve your customer experience