3 best ways to improve customer experiences on Valentine’s Day

Well, the problems people have in their romantic relationships are also common in their relationships with the brands they love. It’s is a fact that Valentine’s Day is the third most lucrative time for eCommerce sites, right after Black Friday and Christmas. So now is the time for eCommerce businesses to show some love for their customers.

A Forrester Research states that 64% of buyers research online and shop offline. For eCommerce sites, it has become crucial to offer a seamless experience across all touchpoints, recognizing customers with all their traits across devices.

Locating customers through geofence and sending timely push notifications drives conversions and boosts omnichannel engagement. Especially when you consider 80% of customers don’t start planning celebrations until a week before Valentine’s Day, targetting last-minute shoppers through geofence will be of great benefit. When customers run out of time to wait for delivery, they turn to brick and mortar shopping. Addressing these customers with relevant content when they’re located close to a store saves time and effort for them while driving revenue for brands.

Valentine’s Day is an extraordinarily busy time of the year when visitors are inundated with thousands of brands, campaigns, discounts and special offers. As a result, visitors can get easily distracted, leaving their carts abandoned. To win back the attention of these distracted customers, brands can leverage web push notifications. Until recently, there was a pressing need for a new channel to directly re-engage visitors, especially when they are off-site. Now with web push notifications, you can catch them right on their desktops. Based on your visitors’ behavioral data, you can send out personalized push notifications that offer the desired discount or provide limited-time price incentives. The primary way push notifications minimize cart abandonment is through sending an enticing call to action messages.


Valentine’s Day is not just for couples anymore. Millennials celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loved ones, families, friends and even pets! If you know your customers well enough to correctly guess with whom they’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, you can micro-target specific segments to deliver relevant ads and offers. Through predictive segmentation technologies, brands can leverage interest-based clustering and likelihood to purchase scoring. Let me give you an example how you can use this for Valentine’s Day. An online pet store can identify visitors with a high likelihood to buy a gift for their pet through predictive segmentation and only deliver ads or special offers to these segments of visitors, optimizing their ad budget and increasing conversion rates.

When you have a flood of visitors marching into your site or store, you always want them to find what they’re looking for the moment they’re in, no one loves anything more than having tailored experiences which make them feel unique and special. This Valentine’s Day, discover how Insider can help you spread the love.