Supported Integrations

Insider gives marketers across industries the freedom to choose and customize their tech stack the way they want. Our AI-backed multichannel marketing platform seamlessly integrates with the tools you already use and love. Plus, our ultra-flexible architecture and open API can sync with CMS, eCommerce systems, advanced analytics solutions, marketing automation platforms, and more without friction.

Google Tag Manager

Easily integrate Insider's Tag with Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics

Send events like impressions, clicks and more from Insider's campaign to Google Analytics


Integrate Insider's tag, service worker and push product attributes with our app for Shopify


Sync Mixpanel audiences to Insider for cross-channel engagement and send campaign data back into Mixpanel

BigCommerce Store

Integrate Insider's tag, capture user preferences and map all product attributes for advanced personalization and recommendation


Easily integrate Insider's tag with Tealium Tag manager


Sync install attribution and in-app events from Appsflyer into Insider to better target your mobile app users.


Sync data and events collected by Segment across your website and app into Insider


Extend Salesforce Journey builder to send Web and App Push notifications and Email with Insider


Send mobile app segments to Facebook from Insider Mobile Suite for re-engagement campaigns

Google Ads

Send mobile app segments to Google from Insider Mobile Suite for re-engagement campaigns


Send mobile app segments to TikTok from Insider Mobile Suite for re-engagement campaigns

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