Personalized recommendations across desktop, mobile and email

Insider’s platform collects data of both logged in and anonymous users across platforms like desktop web, mobile web and feeds datasets into our recommendation engine. Serve personalized recommendations from our many recommendation strategies (buy-to-buy, view-to-view etc.) to users on desktop web, mobile web, and email.

Deliver product and content recommendations for every industry

Use Smart Recommender to serve both product and content recommendations across industries like eCommerce, travel, media/publishers, real estate and online marketplaces.

AI-backed recommendations for diverse user profiles

Choose from a wide range of recommendation strategies that are best suited to help you target the right user with the right products or content. Strategies include trending products, highest discounted products, location-based top sellers, user-based recommendations, manual merchandising, purchased together, viewed together, new arrivals, most popular items and much more. Optimize it further by mixing multiple recommendation strategies for hyper-personalized suggestions/experiences.

Every user and context is different and so are our recommendations

With advanced filtering, you can contextualize recommendations for your users based on attributes such as discount price, category, specific keywords, product price, product segment, product stock and more.

Real-time data exchange to enable highly relevant recommendations

Let the AI-powered algorithms make use of real-time data (behaviour of logged in and anonymous users) to identify and recommend trending products, fast-moving products and more to your users. You no longer need to set up product feeds, xml. or CSV.