Aycan Gömeç

VP of Customer Success

Ayşen Kargın

Finance Director

Aziza Kasenova

Senior Software Engineer

Ceren Aksu Ergen

Senior Product Manager

Ceren Güzelgün

Machine Learning

Damla Tartıcı

Senior People Business Partner  for Business Teams

Firuza İminova

Customer Success Lead

İdil Küçük

Account Lead

Liubovi Ivanoglu

Customer Success Lead

Nur Düğencioğlu

Product Education

Nüktem Luta

Senior People Business Partner
for Technical Teams

Selen Kartal

Global Sales Enablement Director

Yeliz Kalafat


Did you know that women represent only 38.8% of all labor force globally in 2020?

A 2020 analysis by Mercer of over 1,100 organizations across the world found a leaky pipeline for women in leadership, with the representation of women decreasing as the levels progress:

Executives: 23%
Senior managers: 29%
Managers: 37%
Professionals: 42%
Support staff: 47%

We believe the future is our responsibility and the future lies hand in hand with the empowerment of women. We must unite and take action for equality and for building fair, inclusive, prosperous, and peaceful societies everywhere.

Women’s Day is not only about the women who have already succeeded but about the ones who will succeed! In the scope of this meaningful initiative, our women leaders will meet online with young women every month to talk about experiences, tips, life lessons, questions, answers and so much more! 

Last year 30 students were graduated from our She Leads program and one of them has joined Insider as an intern! Once again Insider’s leaders are getting ready to help & guide women university students of all ages to a brighter future! She Leads 2.0 is waiting for its new students who dare to discover her true self! If you think you are one of them, apply now to lead the future with us!

Application deadline
March 03, 2022

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