CAC* me if you can

Likelihood to Purchase

Sam is running an ad campaign for Posh Cool Air running shoes and needs to spend his ad budget on potential customers to optimize his customer acquisition cost (CAC). He targets the segment of visitors who are more likely to purchase within Adwords.



Spin your luck

Gamified Incentive Management

Knowing that his mobile website has the highest traffic amongst all channels, Sam decides to deliver a gamified experience to generate leads. He wants to engage visitors who land on the category page after clicking the ad by revealing a Wheel of Fortune on the category page with personalized offers, special deals, and discounts that are hard to miss.



No game, no gain

Purchase Triggers

Sam wants to increase the AOV of each purchase when visitors are on the checkout page. So he inserts a progressive purchase bar on the top of the page, providing free shipping to those who spend more than $100. To drive revenue further, every visitor receives personalized offers and suggestions to add more items to their baskets.



Did we just become best friends?

1:1 Recommendations

Sam wants to keep visitors coming back for more after their first purchase. To trigger repeat purchases, he provides a $20 discount for their next visit by sending a personalized email with recommendations.