Power experiences with AI-backed in-app segments

Target in-app users based on their login information, opt-in status, last purchase date or future behaviors predicted by AI and machine learning algorithms in real time. Drive revenue delivering highly engaging messages, collecting permissions, app tutorials or special offers when they are already active in your mobile app.

Build Once, Experiment Endlessly

Overcome the challenge of updating the content on your mobile app by building and integrating multiple variables with Content Optimizer. A/B test these variables in real time for multiple audience segments addressing their needs without any further code development or app updates. ❰ Learn More ❱


Get customers back in your app

Focus on effective user retention and not merely acquisition. Uplift your mobile app retention rate and increase your loyal customer base. Build a highly customized audience segment based on previous purchase, geography, likelihood to churn and much more. Use this audience to run remarketing scenarios via Facebook and Google Ads, with contextual and personalized ads.

Meet the world’s first social proof technology for mobile apps

Reveal product or service popularity in an eye-catching way to create purchase urgency.

Get insights into why you’re losing app users and track performance

Monitor the number of total app uninstalls, uninstalls by app version, most uninstalled OS version or device type at a quick glance. Target app users you’re losing via Facebook Ads with personalized messages and smart incentives to re-engage them.

Access a complete view of your users

Generate leads and enrich your user data profiles asking for personal information, such as email and phone number, to trigger highly personalized messages.