How do you

your mobile app users?


Introducing our new predictive segments for mobile app marketing, Likelihood to Uninstall (LTU) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These algorithms help mobile app marketers differentiate high-value users from window shoppers, predict the future lifetime value of users and how likely they are to uninstall. It’s time to put powerful segments into action to better target, engage, convert and retain app users, driving loyalty and digital growth.

Zero-effort integration

No additional integration is required to activate new predictive segments. Easily get started without any know-how of data science, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

Learn fast, win fast

Put Likelihood to Uninstall (LTU) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) algorithms in action quick and easy.

Precision targeting

Easily combine predictive segments with real-time customer intelligence (in-app behaviour, events, cart abandonment data etc.) to create hyper-targeted scenarios and drive higher ROI from mobile app personalization.

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