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API Targeted Web Push

Leon uses Insider’s web push API to send out breaking news notifications from WDN’s back-end systems. They don’t require image, header, and content associated with the news. Leon uses API targeted push notifications to send out breaking news and bring readers back to the site.



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Lead Generation

Leon wants to get the most out of each visit to his site. Collecting emails is a great way to reach out to visitors with relevant news and offers besides enriching visitor data profiles. Leon decides to trigger a personalized overlay message when visitors scroll down on the homepage, asking for their email address to re-engage them after they leave the site.



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Subscription Offers

Leon has a higher revenue target this quarter. He decides to deliver hyper-relevant subscription campaigns to drive conversions and nurture his avid readers. They contain offers for readers who are more engaged on-site or in-app. Leon targets readers who have read more than 10 articles in a month to drive sales and build loyalty.



Won’t you stay with me?

Personalized Emails

With WDN readers showing different engagement levels on digital channels, Leon decides to test different 1:1 messages including top news of the week, special offers and subscription discounts based on AI-backed predictive segments to retain readers.