Last Updated: December, 2022


This Schedule describes the Sub-processors material to Insider’s provision of the Insider Services.

Insider (“Insider”) uses certain Sub-processors, including certain subsidiaries of Insider (as described below) in connection with its provision of the Insider Services to its customers. What follows is the full list of Sub-processors that Insider uses in its provision of the Insider Services. Depending upon a Customer’s use of the Insider Services e.g. geographical location of the Customer, not all Sub-Processors will be needed to deliver the Insider Services.

As used herein, Sub-processors refer to Affiliates of Insider and third parties who process Personal Data on behalf of Insider. Third parties engaged by Insider as Sub-processors are subject to written agreements that contain confidentiality and security commitments not less protective than those in the DPA with respect to the protection of Personal Data to the extent applicable to the nature of the services provided by such Sub-processor. Insider remains responsible for the acts and omissions of its Sub- processors pursuant to the DPA. Terms used herein without definition are used as defined in the MSA.

Content Delivery Networks

The Insider Services use content delivery networks (“CDNs”) to provide the Insider Services, for security purposes, to support user authentication, and to optimize content delivery. CDNs are commonly used systems of distributed services that deliver content based on the geographic location of the individual accessing the content and the origin of the content provider. Content items that are transmitted via CDNs tend to be high content data (videos, images) that have been uploaded to the Insider Services and may be cached by a CDN to expedite delivery of such content to End Users.