Looking for a growth platform
that does much more than A/B Testing?

Insider is a AI backed Growth Management Platform that is built to help marketers orchestrate personalized experiences across channels like Web, App, Email, Ads and Messaging, with no or little IT involvement.

Optimizely is a Experimentation platform that lets you run experiments on Web, Mobile App and OTT.

Growth Across Every Channel

Insider helps you orchestrate growth across multiple channels including Web Push, Messaging Apps and Ads, while building multi channel journeys to ensure the best personalized experience for your users.

Powerful personalization with templates across channels

Kickstart your Personalization with zero IT and Dev effort using more than 60+ Personalization templates on Insider Platform. Target users across Web, App and Push with pre-built templates based on your industry and use case. Personalize experience with coupons, banners, social proof, recommendation, price alerts and much more. Our estimates show that a partner running high volume personalization campaigns saves ~180 hours of IT development effort every quarter by leveraging these templates. With Optimizely you get a DIY editor that requires significant amount of Development effort to run advanced personalization.

AI backed Predictive Audiences for Ads

Use Insider’s platform to send Predictive audiences to Ad networks and improve conversion rates on your remarketing campaigns and boost your Return on Ad spend. With our pre-built integration with Google Adwords and Facebook you can do a one click deploy of ads to high value audience.

Likelihood to Churn

Customer Lifecycle Status

Interest Clustering

Discount Affinity

Predicted Conversion Rate

Likelihood to Purchase

Engage your Mobile App users with an evolved Mobile marketing platform

Optimizely provides a developer focused approach to optimizing Mobile Apps. Insider’s Mobile App personalization suite on the other hand one of the most comprehensive platforms in the industry built for Marketers. With our platform you can bring back users to your app with multiple rich push notification templates including slider, carousel, cart abandonment and geo-fencing. Nudge them in app with personalized messages and optimized layouts for lead gen, social proof and coupons.

AI backed Recommendations for every industry

Deliver Product and content recommendations across platforms like Desktop web, Mobile web, Mobile App and Email. Choose from an ever growing list of recommendation strategies including user based, viewed together, most popular products and much more. Hyper contextualize these recommendations by using product filters like stock, color, size etc. Optimize your revenue by using Chef and Industry first Auto optimized recommendations. In contrast, Optimizely only provides basic recommendation strategies without ability to filter or optimize the recommendations.

Messaging is the way forward

Deliver high value transactional and promotional messages on Messaging apps to engage your users.

Bring back traffic to your website with highly personalized web push.

You are not alone in achieving your goals

With Insider’s strong local success and account management team, your entire Personalization Project is closely monitored right from Roadmap to Ideation to Implementing ideas. The team is capable of handling any advanced changes in your Personalization campaigns and deliver them at a very swift pace. With a team of 100+ Consultants serving industries across the globe, we bring the best practices and know-how of personalization and assist you much beyond the regular customer support provided by Optimizely.

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