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Go beyond email to recover lost holiday season revenue

With high demand and fast-moving sales during the peak season, sending emails introducing your offers or including abandoned items in carts will not be enough to outplay the competition. Leverage newer channels like Web Push, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to re-engage your visitors at the right time and with the right context.

Average Results Observed

19% Increase in Cart Recovery Rate

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Redesign product & content discovery to decrease your bounce rate

Don’t let your visitors get lost on your website, especially during their first visit. Help them discover what they are looking for quicker through interactive quizzes and individualized stories on your website.


Stories are now on your website to speed up product discovery

It takes an average of 5 clicks and 3 searches for visitors to find what they are looking for—which accounts for 50% of the bounce rate on your website. InStory brings stories we are all familiar with to your website. Welcoming visitors during the peak season with individualized stories will help them find what they are looking for, and much more. Automatically populate stories for different segments with a few taps and clicks to let visitors discover top deals, special offers, editor’s picks, holiday meals and much more.

Average Results Observed

17% Uplift in Pageviews          11% Decrease in Bounce Rate

17% Uplift in Pageviews
11% Decrease in Bounce Rate

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Turn first time peak time shoppers into repeat buyers with gamified experiences

Brands often struggle to deliver a unique and fun experience to their visitors resulting in high bounce rates. Gamify user experiences with our built-in templates and watch your visitors shop & play throughout the peak season.

Average Results Observed

35% Uplift in Lead Generation      12% Increase in Average Order Value

35% Uplift in Lead Generation
12% Increase in Average Order Value

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Optimize your ad budget when CPC hits the peak

Rely on advanced AI algorithms to mine through logged in and anonymous visitor data to create ready-to-use predictive segments in real-time. Pinpoint visitors who are more likely to buy from you during the peak shopping season. Then simply target them in ad channels like Facebook and Google to stop wasting your ad dollars on those who are not planning to buy from your brand. Optimize your CAC and increase your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Average Results Observed

30% – 50% Uplift in Lead Generation

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Seamless integration with your existing tech stack

Our technology fits with your existing tech stack and any eCommerce platformseamlessly, allowing fast and reliable integration to let you focus on what matters themost. Integration takes less than 1 hour through your Google Tag Manager. We keep things simple. No integration drama.

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