It all starts with a click

Likelihood to Convert

Joe has a higher quota for home mortgage sales this quarter. Besides search and display ads, he creates a YouTube ad to drive conversions. To increase ad spend efficiency and optimize customer acquisition costs, Joe decides to leverage predictive segments. He decides to show YouTube ads only to those who are more likely to convert, by pushing predictive segments into ad channels.



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Pre-filled Forms

Joe wants to ensure that visitors who land on the website home page convert after clicking on a YouTube ad. He decides to reveal a pre-filled form to encourage mortgage applications. If a visitor remains idle for more than 10 seconds and does not interact with the banner CTA, the form appears.



A little push will keep you safe

Mobile App Push

Following a mortgage agreement, Joe wants to drive incremental revenue, leveraging relevant upsell opportunities for each customer. He designs a mobile app push notification, offering insurance to homeowners, based on their discount affinity prediction.



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Personalized Emails

To keep visitors engaged, Joe decides to send out personalized reminder emails to home insurance customers two months before their insurance expires. He includes a special offer for those customers who are more likely to have a high discount affinity.