E-Growth Practices for Famous Footwear

Maximize revenue and customer loyalty

Memorable personalized experiences drive conversions and boost customer lifetime value. Turn casual browsers into loyal customers with compelling cross-channel customer journeys across your digital channels. 

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Adidas Achieves 35.31% Conversion Rate Increase with Smart Segmentation

Insider’s Account Management team helped Adidas in implementing the AI-backed Smart Recommendation algorithm to display relevant product recommendations to users across all pages to aid in boosting product discovery, add-to-carts, and conversion rates.

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Increase product discoverability and minimize mobile bounce rate with InStory

Attention spans are short. With InStory, you can capture your visitors’ imagination. Customize each full-screen story based on purchase history, real-time behavior, and predicted actions to reduce mobile bounce rates and help users find what they’re looking for.

Reactivate silent customers to increase CLV and tackle churn

All the signs are there. They’ve stopped coming to site, they’re not opening your emails, they haven’t made a purchase in months. It’s time to mix up your strategy.

Insider’s machine learning recognizes the distinct behavioral patterns of your customers to detect when a customer is likely to churn – before it’s too late. Keep the conversation going by identifying the right channel and message for each customer who is in danger of churning to inspire loyalty and keep customers engaged.

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Raise AOV with AI-powered recommendations

Not every shopper has the time or attention span to scroll through endless category pages to find the items that they’ll love.

Help them navigate faster and boost average order value with AI-powered smart recommendations. Easy to implement algorithms include trending products, recently viewed items, location-based bestsellers, purchased together and more.

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