Join us to discover how ING increases banking log-in rates with segmentation

5 Years of Digital Empowerment in a Glance!


5 Years of Digital Empowerment In a Glance!


Insider is powering ING since 2017 to create 1:1 personalized experiences across different channels resulting in improved log-in rates

In this exclusive workshop with ING and Insider — we dive into the tactics that ING used to:

  • Decrease Form Abandonment 
  • Increase Lead Collection 
  • Improve Acquisition Costs
  • Increase Conversion Rate

Join us in this exclusive chat with Emily Maddox (Finance & Insurance – Global Digital Growth Director) for an inside view on ING secret sauce for customer experiences.

Insider X ING

Personalizing the onsite experience with individualized homepage banners

To engage the website visitors with the most relevant content and experiences, the team at Insider recommended the use of an onsite experiment feature that would customize the homepage banner with products based on the user’s previous browsing history.

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Insider For Finance & Insurance Leaders

The ultimate digital growth guide for banking and insurance marketers

The 5 Challenges Every Banking and Insurance Marketer Faces and Proven Strategies for Winning at Digital Disruption. Today’s banking and financial services consumers have more choices than ever. To meet their expectations, banks need to address the demand for speedy, personalized experiences, tailored products and services.

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Meet The Speaker

Finance & Insurance – Global Digital Growth Director 

One platform for individualized, cross-channel customer experiences

Insider connects data across channels, predicts future behavior with AI, and individualizes experiences from a single platform with the fastest time to value.

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© 2022 Powered by Insider. All rights reserved.