Insider Mobile Marketing Day

August 24, 2017
H Gourmet & Vibes

68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy, according to Salesforce. In the fast-evolving mobile marketing space, marketing executives are looking for smarter, agiler and more profitable tips and tricks to realize in their mobile marketing practicesAt the Insider Mobile Marketing Day, digital marketers and industry experts come together, meet and share stories from their own experience and discuss latest industry and technology trends.

In the highly competitive digital ecosystem, eMarketer estimates that the global mobile penetration rate is going to reach 62% before the end of the year. Hovering at an impressive rate, the penetration results in a boom in mobile traffic and a huge untapped marketing potential for brands across industries. Insider’s data from more than 300 companies shows that 77.6% of all traffic comes from mobile channels. All digital marketers from different verticals are thriving to turn this mobile traffic into higher conversions and digital growth across mobile web and apps.

Join us at Insider Mobile Marketing Day and learn from the experience of Patrick Steinbrenner, Insider’s Managing Director in APAC, Julian Gafar – CTO at Viva, Paul Michio McCarthy – Director of Sales at AppsFlyer and Richmond Aldien – SVP of Consumer Products at Doku to uncover top mobile strategies to win in our mobile-first world


19:00-19:40 Registration
19:40-20:00 Opening Session by Insider Indonesia
20:00-20:20 “The 3 Waves of App Marketing” by Paul Michio McCarthy, Appsflyer
20:20-20:40 “The Reality of Mobile Web Businesses” by Juilan Gafar, Viva Group
20:40-21:00 “Now or it’s too Late” by Richmond Aldien, Doku
21:00-22:00 Networking Session


Jullian Gafar
VP, Digital Strategy at Viva Holding
Jullian Gafar
Patrick Steinbrenner
Managing Director, APAC at Insider
Patrick Steinbrenner
Richmond Aldien
SVP of Consumer Products at Doku
Richmond Aldien
Paul Michio McCarthy
Director of Sales, APAC at Appsflyer
Paul Michio McCarthy


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