Email marketing reinvented for Growth

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Everything Email Under One Platform

Still stuck with delivering broken and underperforming email experiences to your customers? Switch to Insider Email that is geared for growth and focuses on delivering personalized experiences backed by our AI Engine. We’re in it to change the ESP experiences for marketers and redefine email experiences for their customers.

Grow Subscribers

Acquire and grow your subscribers across Web and App with easy-to-personalize lead collection templates.

  • Gamified Templates
  • Incentivized Templates
  • Customizable UI & Placement
  • Behavioral Templates
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Push Contacts to CRM
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Interactive Newsletters

Static experiences for newsletters are dead. Deliver interactive web-like experiences backed by AI models that predict subscriber behavior.

  • Interactive Templates
  • A/B Testing
  • Onsite Segmentation
  • Send Time Optimization
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Transactional Emails

Deliver personalized customer experiences with transactional emails for order updates, delivery updates, flight updates and much more.

  • Personalization
  • Attachments
  • Web Hooks
  • Reporting API
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Triggered Emails

Trigger emails based on onsite and off-site behavior to nudge and re-engage users. Design welcome emails, browse abandonment emails, birthday emails and much more.

  • Purchase History
  • Visit History
  • Events and Attributes
  • Likelihood to Purchase
  • Customer Lifecycle Stage
  • Likelihood to Churn
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Deliver real-time product and content recommendations, choosing from various recommendation strategies.

  • Viewed Together
  • Bought Together
  • User-Based
  • Most Popular
  • Trending Products
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Create infinitely complex journeys powered by Architect, Insider’s AI-powered journey builder. Welcome users, recover abandoned carts, re-engage silent users and do much more, not just on email but across channels.

  • DIY Canvas
  • Offline Triggers
  • Onsite Segmentation
  • Check Reachability
  • Predictive Audiences
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Powerful capabilities for Growth Marketers

Deep Segmentation

Deep Segmentation

Leverage onsite segments, behavior, transactions and email interactions to send highly tailored messages to your subscribers.

predictive Audience

AI-Powered Segments

Use our predictive segments like Likelihood to Purchase, Customer Lifetime Value and more to send the right email at the right time.

Quick Start Templates

Quick Start Templates

More than 20+ rich HTML email templates to get you started with some inspiration.


High Deliverability and Scale

Get started quickly with Automated IP warmup, Dedicated IPs and Sender Management to scale your email marketing.


Team Collaboration and Management

Team roles and access management help you manage your email marketing workflows with your teams in a secure and collaborative way.

cross channel

Cross Channel Orchestration

Easily extend beyond email marketing with Insider’s cross-channel journey builder - Architect.