Ramadan 2021 Marketing Guide: 5 industries and 5 tools for success this Ramadan

Almost a quarter of the world’s population will observe Ramadan this year, dedicating themselves to a month of fasting, prayer and spiritual growth. 

With more time off work to spend with friends and family, many will also use this extra free time to increase digital media consumption and spending. In fact, 53% of customers in MENA countries and Indonesia plan to increase their spending during Ramadan.

Many B2C companies are in a position to benefit from this increase. However, the only way they can do that is if they can serve the specific needs of their customers at scale. 

Insider’s Ramadan 2021 Marketing Guide shows how you can do just that. It walks you through 5 industries that are poised for success this year, and shows you the tools that each can use to take advantage of that potential:

  • Food: Using predictive segmentation to target the right customers
  • Beauty: Creating a unique social media-like experience to build brand loyalty
  • Automotive: Using web push notifications to complete the sale
  • Consumer Electronics: Create scalable automated journeys that help convert
  • Telco: Using real-time data to gain new customers and increase revenue from existing ones

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