Roll the dice!

API Targeted Web Push

Lin wants to increase the number of high-value bets placed on the upcoming First League game. She designs a web push notification with dynamic attributes, pulling data from Lucky Bet’s back-end systems. To get more audience, she targets a predictive segment of players who are more likely to place a bet.



Road to the Finals!

In-App Messages

Lin creates a deep link to redirect those players who have swiped the web push on a mobile device right into the mobile app. There, they can view a list of their favorite teams on the screen. Lin designs a personalized in-app message encouraging players to bet on their favorite teams.



When the odds are in your favor

In-App Messages

Lin decides to trigger another in-app message to maximize the value of each visit. After a user places a bet, a new in-app message is shown asking users to place another bet on one of their favorite teams.



Back to bet!

Slider Mobile App Push Notification

Lin wants to improve the lifetime value (LTV) of every player. Using AI-backed predictive segments, she targets churning players before it’s too late. Aware that every user has a different behavior, Lin decides to send out personalized slider mobile app push notifications. She uses dynamic attributes in rich push notifications to keep them coming back.